“I am a Brain Injury Case Manager. It is very difficult to secure appropriately qualified Neuro-Occupational Therapists who possess the skills and expertise to translate devastating neurological injury into life goals that are meaningful when applied in the context of our client group. It is therefore a privilege to work with Laura Slader, who demonstrates a rounded yet proactive approach to her clinical practice, in partnership with the client, their family and associated therapeutic team. My client has subsequently made significant functional gains and is now exploring vocational opportunities. Laura provides a professional, knowledgeable and friendly service and I would not have any hesitation in recommending her services to other clients.”

Nikki Ounsworth Brain Injury Case Manager, Cooci Ltd

“Laura provides an excellent service for my clients. Her professionalism and experience has proved enormously helpful in gaining the trust and commitment of a young male client, who was very reluctant to participate in any rehabilitation. Due to her expertise he fully engaged with his customised occupational therapy programme. Her approach is goal orientated but the structured programme was made particularly meaningful to him. Her regular reports have been extremely helpful to me and the legal team. I can wholeheartedly recommend Laura for clients with neurological disabilities.”

Jane Roberts Case Manager, Roberts Consulting/CCMS Ltd

“I often work with Laura in the capacity of managing support teams to her clients and always find her an absolute pleasure to work with!

“Laura’s can-do attitude is extremely motivational not only for her clients, but to the support workers she comes into contact with. Laura is always available to give advice and direction to the support team and shows great empathy and understanding of their role.”

Lauren Whittingham Registered Manager, WLSSS

“Following his brain injury my client had withdrawn from social contact and rarely left the house, relying entirely on immediate family for his care. Your involvement has resulted in him re-engaging with day-to-day life, taking up cooking, and his quality of life has improved immeasurably. His family have also benefited greatly by the care burden being lifted from them.

“Solicitors specialising in brain injury claims are well aware of the benefits to our clients of early intervention. As part of that process Laura Slader provides excellent Neuro OT support from which our clients and their families have benefited greatly.”

Robert Thomas Technical Claims Partner, NewLaw

“My passion for cycling was severely interrupted aged 22, in October 2006, during a year in which it had peaked perhaps suitably atop Alpe D’Huez at the Tour de France. In the autumn I was run over whilst out training with my club, suffering a severe, traumatic brain injury.

“Spending 6 months in a coma, I was hospitalised until a year later. I received priceless help from the Royal Hospital at Putney, both medically whilst still comatosed, as well as beginning my rehabilitation. After spending my initial recovery time at a hospital in Putney, I then moved to a rehabilitation home, firstly based in Surbiton briefly, then onto a house in Thames Ditton where I spent over two years of recovery. I have found occupational therapy one of the most important treatments to receive, along with more obvious physiotherapy. These two therapies work alongside one another, often simultaneously, feeding off each other. I know that the occupational therapy I have received has been highly productive, and I am very grateful to those who have offered it. Zoe Wood, has proved to be of invaluable help, guiding me to key life skills although hospitalised, such as brushing teeth and self-washing. Laura Slader has also helped incredibly. The provision of invaluable skills such as mobility provision (wheelchair driving) and further daily living skills have proved very important. Independence is a high priority, and Laura Slader has been key in its provision. Also, OT appointments were importantly always on time, at suitable times, when provided by her. I have had a quality service provided by Laura Slader.”

Patrick Client

“My 85 year old father’s mobility has been on a steady decline for the last five years resulting in frequent falls. Increasing anxiety meant that he had lost confidence and the ability to carry out daily tasks and live his usual independent life. I needed an OT who could help him regain his confidence in moving around the flat safely; going outside on his mobility scooter and carrying out daily activities such as making a cup of coffee and having a bath.

“It wasn’t just that Laura was kind, caring and patient but that she helped my father and me in equal measures. For anybody who has experienced an elderly family member struggling with losing their mobility and independence it’s an incredibly challenging and stressful time for all concerned. I cannot thank Laura enough for how she guided us both through the changes my father was experiencing; helping me access equipment and support from agencies and even driving my father around various residential care homes when I needed help organising respite care.

“I’d like to mention two other things that really helped my father regain his independence. When Laura created new routines for my Dad, to safely get in and out of bed /chairs /or of the bath for example, she was there in the following days and weeks to make sure that the routines were working well and was always on hand to address any difficulties and anxieties that arose. Even if my dad had his bath at early in the morning Laura would be there to make sure that he was able to follow the routine.

“It was also important to Laura to make sure my Dad was always having a positive experience when learning how to walk again. This was the area of greatest anxiety for him and Laura made sure that anyone involved in my Dad’s care learned that he would regain his mobility far quicker if we understood his limits. She took the time and trouble to train us all in his routines and how to handle his anxiety.

“After a few months I was able to text Laura to let her know that my Dad had on his own walked from his flat to his mobility scooter in the car park and driven it to his local shopping mall where he met a friend for coffee.”

Alison Farr Daughter of client

“I have worked with Laura Slader and her associates for over 7 years now.

“As a Speech and Language Therapist working with clients who have acquired brain injury (Paediatrics and Adults), I have found the Occupational Therapy Services provided by Laura and her team to be highly professional and clinically focused on providing excellent outcomes. Laura’s team are committed to providing goal based rehabilitation. Laura’s team are fully aware that outcomes in acquired brain injury are best achieved using a ‘joined up’ approach.

“I highly recommend Laura Slader and her associates for the rehabilitation needs of both Paediatric and Adult clients with acquired brain injury. Her associates are highly skilled, cut to the real issues and have a ‘can do’ attitude!”

Liz Williamson Speech and Language Therapist, The Speech Group

“Just a short note to thank you for all of your help and support in this most difficult case and thank you for the part you have played in taking my client’s case to a good result.

“Many thanks.”

Paul Fretwell Partner, For and on Behalf of George Ide LLP

“Thanks Laura – I have had very positive reports back from the case manager who believes your associate is working very well with my client, which is a real achievement.”

Jill Greenfield Partner, FieldFisher

“I approached Laura Slader Independent OT Services to work with a male client who has particularly complex brain injury and mental health issues.  The client was in need of a high level of input from a skilled neuro OT who would be able to build a relationship with him in difficult circumstances.  As his needs are so complex and he is very isolated it needed someone who could engage with him on a level which he would accept; I found that the OT which Laura introduced had exceptional skills and in a relatively short period of time was able to build a solid relationship from which to start therapeutic work.  The OT was committed and passionate about her input with the client and has worked well with the client, work is ongoing but things are moving forward to make a positive difference to his daily life.”

Anna Flemming Case Manager, Brownbill Associates Ltd

“I have found working with Laura and her associates a positive experience. Laura has been prompt in providing possible CVs and responding to any issues. Both the OTs I have used have had excellent clinical experience and worked very well with the client(s) and MDT. I initially used Laura Slader OT Services as they were recommended to me by a colleague and used the second time due to a positive first experience.”

Lottie Prowse Case Manager, NeuroHealth Case Management

“Laura, I initially started to use you following recommendations from colleagues. The key thing which means I would use you is that you supervise your associates closely and address any issues promptly and you understand the medico-legal context we work in. You also will not take a case if you do not believe yourself or an associate has the skills to do so. Your associates are trained well in working as part of a treating team and provide highly skilled input.”

Jackie Walsh Senior Case Manager, Bush & Company Rehabilitation

“The professional maturity, knowledge and expertise of the OTs Laura Slader OT has offered our inpatient unit has excelled all expectations. We have only had OTs work with us whom are experts in their field and offered way over the normal ‘locum’ cover we would get from other agencies. I would recommend anyone try Laura and her team before anyone else if you need expert OTs in brain injury. “

Louise Turpin Inpatient Manager, Neuro Rehabilitation Unit

“I am writing this to thank you for the excellent service my husband Ian has received from your associate. She is not only very professional but has a complete understanding of Ian’s needs. Thank you for sending us such a capable and sensitive person.”

Sheena Wife of client

“Laura assessed the situation following my discharge from hospital, liaised with the neurologists and therapists and monitored my fatigue levels, making accurate predictions on when I was likely to have recovered sufficiently to start back at work. Laura’s good humoured, intuitive and determined approach gave me and my family optimism during some dark days.

Laura is very keen for her clients to progress to a life as normal as possible given their injuries and her knowledge and experience were instrumental in what has been a remarkably smooth return to work. She told me what I was entitled to under employment law; she investigated the nature of my work and job description; prepared a plan in relation to the hours and times I should work including use of email and attendance at meetings; travelled with me to my office to find out what my journey and office environment is like; met with my HR Director to discuss and implement the work plan; and is currently monitoring my return to work and slowly extending my hours. Her attention to detail and ability to tailor her approach to individual circumstances have made such a difference. She has done this making sure that it is balanced with my family life.

Laura helped me achieve what seemed impossible 6 months ago. To those people in difficult circumstances with brain or other injuries but fortunate enough to have her on your case, I would say you couldn’t be in better or more professional hands.”

Matthew Client

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